Mint Information

Our supply will be “333” NFTs with each one receiving revenue share from all of the platforms mentioned. New ones to come as we progress, and ones not mentioned in this whitepaper. We are full of surprises.

What sets us apart?

The team has proved its skills throughout their career in crypto, and we will continue to do so for those who are unaware of what we have already accomplished. The drive of our team will be unparalleled and we welcome competition with open arms.

How will we move forward and what is the timeline?

Although a timeline is not guaranteed, we are confident in the team's ability and dedication. A DAO calendar will be established and holders will be able to see our daily performance and progress. We will continue to promote our name and products until we take control of the market through the connections our team have already established in the space. We are conscious that we are setting the bar high, yet there is no question that we will achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.
Below are shortcuts to our utilities included in this whitepaper.
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